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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our smallest stage is 1 sqm. You can hire a small stage, or a large stage, we service all types of jobs.

Our website includes pricing categories designated for particular types of events. In each category we list the most commonly hired stages for those events. This is a great starting guideline on what might work for you. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have and can help guide you into selecting the most appropriate stage based on your requirements, please feel free to call or email.

We typically set up a day prior to the event to make sure you are happy with everything or at least 4-6 hours before the event starts. If you have particular access times, we can accommodate to suit you. Extra charges may apply if you have an unusual or small time window.

Yes, we use proper engineered staging panels that have a range of safety features that you don’t find in most types of staging systems. Our panels have a tongue and groove locking system, with an internal cam lock that locks the pieces together when they are set up. The legs are also held with a lever to stop them moving. Our stages are weight rated for 750kg per sqm, the highest weight rating on the market. Our panels also have a non-slip surface on top, reducing the chance of someone slipping.

Should you need to see engineer reports for our modules, we are happy to email this across.

We can also provide railing, access ramps, stairs and more.

Yes, we offer a range of additional equipment to go with your stage. We aim at offering a complete event solution to save you the time of going through multiple suppliers. Please check out our additional equipment page or call or email for more information, or visit our parent company

We offer stage heights starting at as low as 30cm, going up in 10cm increments to 1m tall. Once you go above 80cm, it is highly recommended you select railing with your stage, and anything above 90cm requires a rail by law.

Yes, skirting is included in each stage package.

We suggest adding stair modules when your stage is 40cm or above. So, for a 40cm stage we would place a step at 20cm high. For a 60cm stage we would place a stair module at 20cm and 40cm high, for an 80cm stage we would place 3 steps at 20cm, 40cm and 60cm.

Yes, we can in most cases. We use different legs heights across the build to create a level platform. A site inspection may be required to assess your site prior to quoting. Extra labour costs may apply.

We can offer ground protection should you need to protect the surface the stage is being placed on. If you are concerned about the floor getting scratched, it is advised to pay for the extra floor protection that is placed under the staging legs. Please contact our sales team for more information.